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Teams are the critical operating units of our organisations and provide a contribution that far exceeds the sum of the individual contributions. Teams are critical for creativity and complex problem solving in our ever-changing world. As every successful organisation knowns, long-term high performance is not based on the individual efforts of a view, but the collective inputs of many through team delivery.

Teams facilitate the transfer of knowledge, they enable organisations to put forward subject matter expertise where it is most needed.Build high performing teams and a high performing organisation will follow.

83% of workers do most of their work as part of a team (ADPRI study). The team is the reality of your experience at work and the quality of this team experience is the quality of your work experience. Your team experience depends on whether your team lead and team members show up everyday, talk to you, lean into you and support you. Your team experience drives how productive you are, how happy you are , how creative, innovative and resilient you are and how long you choose to stay with the organisation.

Great teams are not a nice to have, they are a must have.

Teams are the best way to make each person’s uniqueness useful. High functioning teams are essential to a high-functioning organisation because they create more opportunities for each person to use their strengths by enabling the tasks involved to be divided according to the strengths available. They are a mechanism for integrating the needs of the individual and the needs of the organisation.

We support organisations with:

Team Development

If we want to increase engagement and productivity at work we must see teams and direct our investments and energies at improving these team experiences.

To accelerate teams to becoming the best teams we work with them to:

  1. Focus on trust – building clarity, agreeing ways of working, building psychological safety, understanding each other’s strengths and contributions and improving communication
  2. Consider Team Design – promoting frequent communication and support between team members and leaders
  3. Learn together – building new habits and rituals as a team, in context to accelerate team growth through the team members working together in real-time.

Hybrid Working – Design an approach to hybrid working that is productivity led, whilst empowering your people to experiment and find what works.

Digital Transformation – When implementing digital transformation, it is people, not technology, that lead the lasting change. Keeping your people front and centre and designing a human-focused organisation is critical to success.

Our structured and evidence-based approach helps you discover the key steps to lead and accelerate people-focused digital transformation and support the culture change necessary to ensure success.

Action Learning Sets – Ideal for group problem solving and supporting the agile, learning organisation, an action learning set is a small group of people that meet with the specific intention of solving workplace problems. The main aim is to come away with a set of realistic actions that will help to solve or understand the issues at hand. With a trained facilitator to support the set, they come together find practical ways of addressing the ‘real life’ challenges they face, and to support their own learning and development.

Team Coaching – Team coaching helps teams work together, with others and within their wider environment, to create lasting change by developing safe and trusting relationships, better ways of working and new thinking, so that they maximise their collective potential, purpose and performance goals.

Team coaching will differ in terms of design and delivery, team coaching can be used to coach any team that fits the definition of a team – be it senior leadership, functional, cross-functional, dispersed, both joint account and client, temporary, project or virtual.

Our Values


We value people in their glorious diversity and design solutions that are good for humans.


Science is at the heart of everything we do. If it’s not backed up by science, we won’t be implementing it in your organisation.


We’re in it for the long-term, building our understanding of your organisation, its goals and challenges so we can support you now and in the future.

Pragmatically Positive

We believe that work can, and should, be rewarding and enjoyable.

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