Research & Evaluation

We are a boutique talent management consultancy dedicated to driving organisational performance through nurturing people

Your Business Success Is Our Mission

We have a team of university academics, business psychologists and management consultants who carry out qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation within organisational and work contexts.

We help organisations get beneath the surface of a problem they are facing.

  • Below the symptoms they are seeing (e.g. attrition, low productivity, disengagement),
  • to understand the root cause (e.g. leadership, culture, bullying)
  • and target solutions (leadership development, team interventions, speak up and communication systems).

At the core of our work is the use of research investigation to understand people and solve problems. We recognise the value of listening to the most significant members of your organisation- employees, clients, customers and stakeholders. We adopt an evidence-based approach to explore business data and analytics of all types to explore problems, illuminate solutions and evaluate outcomes. Driving our approach is that the findings can be used in a meaningful way by businesses.

Apply rigorous research methodologies to fully explore issues and recommend evidence-based solutions.

It may be that you are undergoing a period of change and need your people and culture to transform to meet the future needs of your business. We would hold a free scoping meeting with you to understand the aims and intentions of the change and suggest potential approaches. These approaches might include: predictive HR Analytics, focus groups, surveys, psychometric assessment…

Our Research and Evaluation Services:

  • Best Practice review
  • Literature Review
  • Training Evaluation


It is crucial to investigate whether or not your behaviours, activities, services and products are working optimally so that you can adjust accordingly to ensure maximum performance and sustainability. As an independent party we are able to look at the data and information to understand how and where things can be improved and success capitalised upon. Typically our evaluation work will involve research, production of a report including recommendations and presentations to stakeholders.

  • Assessment Validation

Validating existing assessment processes, assessing return on investment

  • Psychometric Assessment Validation
  • Adverse Impact Assessment
  • Impact Assessment
  • Benchmarking
  • Market Analysis
  • E-Learning Courses- Developing and evidence-based mindset, using data to inform your people strategy.


Examples of our research and evaluation projects:

Our Recent Projects

  • NHS Evaluation
  • BAE
  • MOD

Our Values


We value people in their glorious diversity and design solutions that are good for humans.


Science is at the heart of everything we do. If it’s not backed up by science, we won’t be implementing it in your organisation.


We’re in it for the long-term, building our understanding of your organisation, its goals and challenges so we can support you now and in the future.

Pragmatically Positive

We believe that work can, and should, be rewarding and enjoyable.

We Love Our Clients

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Talk to us in confidence about your most important people and organisational goals,
we’re great listeners and all round lovely people to talk to