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We are a boutique talent management consultancy dedicated to driving organisational performance through nurturing people

Your Business Success Is Our Mission

Competent, resilient and adaptable leaders are key to organisational success. Investing in your leadership talent will maximising their impact on your organisation.

Leaders have a disproportionate impact within organisations- the climate that they create for their teams has far-reaching and long-lasting effects on people, tasks and outcomes.

Leaders are having to operate in increasingly unstable, unpredictable and complex contexts which require them to develop and apply new leadership approaches on an ongoing basis. Leadership for the future requires leaders who can lead with Purpose, Lead with Agility, and Create followship.

We support organisations with:

Executive Assessment

Engage – Authentic Leadership Assessment- Specialist selection processes for the critical roles on your executive teams

Engage is a fresh, evidence-based Individual Leadership Development Process. Leaders will gain greater self-awareness and receive insightful feedback from the process. Coaching support is provided to create a clear development plan to help realise their career goals whilst delivering organisational objectives.

Authentic Leadership Development: Using the latest thinking in Authentic Leadership, our approach builds from the unique underlying values and principles of each leader. These foundational values and principles, the leader’s ‘unique story’, are used to drive powerful development actions. This is an approach that leads to greater engagement and development outcomes because we harness the leader’s intrinsic motivation to change.

Celebrating Diversity: Because Engage starts from the underlying qualities of the leader, it is less prone to social bias and celebrates individuality and diversity. The authentic leadership model that underpins our approach will also compliment any behavioural frameworks that already exist within your organisation.

The Engage Process

Competency Framework Design – Determine the competencies required throughout your organisation to drive performance and future-proof your people and culture strategy.

Development Centres – Helping you to select high potentials for your talent pathways

Assessment Design – Bespoke Assessment Centres designed to meet your high volume or specialist recruitment needs.

Psychometric Profiling – Ability and personality assessments, bespoke reports


Virtual Assessment Centres

Maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of your selection and assessment decisions through the use of objective, evidence-based tools delivered virtually.

Common areas we work with executives include:

Leadership Development

Your business doesn’t stand still, so neither should your people. We can help you to future-proof your organisation through ensuring your leaders have the knowledge, skills and competencies required to lead now and in the future.

Executive Coaching

Organisations in all sectors face complexity and change at an ever increasing rate. Executive Coaching is an effective and focused way to help your executives meet the specific challenges they face.

Executive coaching is an individual, performance-focused, developmental activity that can help leaders to achieve their potential within organisations.

Coaching can be especially beneficial for individuals at times of transition, whether this is a move into a Management or Leadership role, taking on board-level accountability, facing organisational change, or when seeking their next role.

Team Coaching:  Coaching can also be delivered at a team-level as part of team development intervention. Team coaching gets to through root of team difficulties and provides fast results that last.

Return on Investment – The growth in the use of coaching within organisations has led to a number of studies examining the bottom-line benefits of coaching. Such studies have reported financial gains in productivity, retention and efficiencies of between 5 and 6 times the initial investment.

A Critical Relationship – Research has shown that coaching is maximally effective when it’s linked with business objectives and there is a good chemistry between the coach and coachee. This is why we offer an initial, no obligation discussion with all clients to assess your needs and agree a coaching programme.

Contact us to book your no obligation Chemistry session with one of our coaches.

Leadership Audit – Assess the bench strength of your leadership and gain objective insights to inform where to invest your resources.

People/ HR Analytics – Validating existing assessment processes, assessing return on investment

Fundamental Values Assessment

Deep below our visible behaviours lie our fundamental values. Core beliefs that we hold that drive and influence the choices we make and the actions we take.

Understanding these fundamental values, helps us to understand ourselves, and others at a deeper level. Helping us to make choices that align with who we are and supporting us during times of conflict or indecision to make an authentic decision.

We use our fundamental values cards in multiple ways to support clients to:

Contact us if you would like a no-obligation trial of our values cards to see how they can support your organisation

Our Values


We value people in their glorious diversity and design solutions that are good for humans.


Science is at the heart of everything we do. If it’s not backed up by science, we won’t be implementing it in your organisation.


We’re in it for the long-term, building our understanding of your organisation, its goals and challenges so we can support you now and in the future.

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We believe that work can, and should, be rewarding and enjoyable.

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