Engage is a fresh, evidence-based Individual Leadership Development Process. Leaders will gain greater self-awareness and receive insightful feedback from the process. Coaching support is provided to create a clear development plan to help realise their career goals whilst delivering organisational objectives.

Authentic Leadership Development

Using the latest thinking in Authentic Leadership, our approach builds from the unique underlying values and principles of each leader. These foundational values and principles, the leader's 'unique story', are used to drive powerful development actions. This is an approach that leads to greater engagement and development outcomes because we harness the leader's intrinsic motivation to change.

Celebrating Diversity

Because Engage starts from the underlying qualities of the leader, it is less prone to social bias and celebrates individuality and diversity. The authentic leadership model that underpins our approach will also compliment any behavioural frameworks that already exist within your organisation.

Executive Coaching for Individuals

The Engage Process

  • Environment Scan: understanding exactly what the unique challenges are upon the leader and their function. This helps the leader to focus their development plans on areas that will really make a difference to the organisation.
  • Values Card Sort: an engaging and transparent exercise identifying the Leader's core values and discussing how these play-out in their work and life. Helping the leader to construct their own personal brand or story, and to place this at the heart of their development plans.
  • 360 Authentic Leadership Feedback Questionnaire: an online, structured questionnaire tool providing feedback to the leader on the climate and impact they create on the people around them. As the tool is specifically focused on Authentic Leadership impact, it can sit alongside any 360 tools you already use .
  • Career Discussion: focusing on the individual’s leadership approach, future aspirations and vision for their current role and beyond. Including your organisation's core behavioural competences here can align development plans to business drivers.
  • Personal Leadership Profile: a comprehensive psychometric tool bringing further rigour and insight to development planning.
  • Development Planning: between sessions, the leader has access to a structured self-reflection and development planning tool to empower them in the development process.
  • Feedback Report: between sessions, the Development Coach will produce an integrated report for the leader. The report is discussed at the second meeting, informing the review of the Leaders' personal development plan.

Engage is a professional collaboration between Jam Consulting and executive assessment and development experts Peoplenetics.

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